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Starsic was birthed in mid-2016 as a way for Benito Marlow and Kyle Yamanaka to pursue their passion for music and people. After separate musical endeavors, the two combined their alternative and hip-hop backgrounds to form a new modern sub-genre that one could classify under alternative hip-hop.  After writing a collaborative ep together, ’As it Happens’ featuring Jared Forth, the two decided that guitars would complete the direction that the band was headed.  After playing a number of shows, standing as a three-piece band, they decided to write a new album. ‘twelve.’ the name of their new 2017 release, was written as a conglomerate of each member’s experiences and backgrounds, musically and lyrically.  Starsic seeks to bring alternative music by definition to life while spreading messages of life experience and positivity.




Benito Marlow / Vocals

Kyle Yamanaka / Vocals / Programming

Jared Forth / Guitars


Starsic shows